Golf NLP


NLP Golf is your personal mind guru on the iPhone.

Golf NLP - iPhone App

Golf NLP – iPhone App

Consisting of 46 separate neuro linguistic programs (free and In-App purchases) between 25-30 minutes each, this app will allow your unconscious mind to unlock your golfing potential.

Developed by renowned NLP practitioner Andrew Fogg (just google golf hypnosis) and author of The Secrets of Hypnotic Golf (coming soon to iBooks), NLP Golf is the app for any serious golfer.

Whether you have a specific golfing demon you need to get rid of, or just want to reach your full potential then NLP golf is for you…

NLP Golf Sections and Tracks

Free Tracks Included

  • Introduction to Golf Hypnosis (Free)
  • Your Own Virtual Caddy (Free)

Winning Golf

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Playing to Win (In-App)
  • Overcoming Barriers to Winning (In-App)
  • Making the Most of Your Game (In-App)

 Own the Putting Green

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Remember you’re a Great Putter (In-App)
  • Believe in your Putting Stroke (In-App)
  • Reading your Putts Instinctively (In-App)
  • Better Putting in your Unconscious Mind (NLP Technique)

 Golf in the Playing Zone

  • Introduction (Free)
  • The Playing Zone (In-App)
  • Zone Out your Inner Critic (In-App)
  • Concentration on the Zone (In-App)

 Overcome the Yips

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Coping with the Yips (In-App)
  • No more Yips – Enough is Enough! (In-App)
  • Freeing Yourself from the Yips (In-App)
  • Circle of Excellence Anchoring (NLP Technique)

 Visualisation Skills for Golf

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Open your Eyes to Better Golf (In-App)
  • Golf with your Eyes Closed (In-App)
  • Imagine Your Way to Better Golf (In-App)


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 Confident Golf – Free From Fear

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Turn Fear into Golfing Confidence (In-App)
  • Fear-Free Golf (In-App)
  • Motivation to Confident Golf (In-App)

 Better Golf with Less Practice

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Play Golf in your Mind (In-App)
  • Practice Golf in Your Mind (In-App)
  • Play Golf in Your Dreams (In-App)

 Anger Management for Better Golf

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Release and Eliminate your Anger (In-App)
  • Control your Anger Habit (In-App)
  • Enjoy Anger Free Golf (In-App)
  • Managing your Anger on the Golf Course (NLP Technique)

 Overcome the Shanks

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Coping with the Shanks (In-App)
  • No More Shanking
  • That’s the Last Straw! (In-App)
  • Shank Free Golf (In-App)
  • Circle of Excellence Technique (NLP Technique)

 Learn Better Golf with Your Golfing Heroes

  • Introduction (Free)
  • Borrow a Skill from your Golfing Heroes (In-App)
  • Unleash the Professional Golfer Within (In-App)
  • Your Personal Golf Hall of Fame (In-App)

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