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1. Golf Monthly with Gary Smith

Q. I have no sound, is there a problem with the app?

A. No, but there is a known issue with the iPad if you use the button on the side as a scroll lock. (You can test the sound with headphones).

There is a mute switch on both the iPad 2 and 3, it is located directly above the volume button on the side. This switch also doubles as a rotation lock, depending on what option is set in Settings->General.

The issue is with the configuration of this switch, the steps to reproduce (and fix) is below:

1. Open Settings->General and take note of the option selected under “use side switch to:” (you need to scroll down a bit).
2. Change the switch on the side so that it is on (orange dot showing).
3. Change the selection in “use side switch to:” to mute.
4. Change the switch on the side so that it is off (orange dot not showing)
5. Try to rotate your iPad….the screen will not rotate!
6. Run either of the Gary Smith apps and you will have sound.
7. To fix the rotation leave the switch on the side off, then change the selection in “use side switch to:” back to rotation.
Everything should work as normal then.

Basically, if the setting is changed when the switch is on, you will have issues.

Q. Why are there two versions of the app? Are they different?

A. The content is the same, but in the free app you get a sample of the tecnique (bunker play video), and can pay for the other lessons individually. In the full version app, you get all the videos for a discount.

2. Gary Smith Long Game

Q. I have no sound, is there a problem with the app?

A. No, but there is a know issue with the iPad, see Q1 from the Golf Monthly app!

3. SwingPlane and SwingPlane HD

Q. Is there an instruction manual for the app?

A. Yes, available online https://igolfapps.com/swingplane-manual/ .

Q. How do I get the split screen view?

A. Info is on the manual (link above), but swipe a video from left to right in the video list, when it turns blue swipe the second video (these can be in separate folders). The videos will open after you select the second one.

Q. How do I delete the lines?

A. Info is on the manual (link above), but swipe two fingers from the left edge of the screen to delete all of the shapes. Shake the phone to delete just the last one drawn (and again to delete the one before that too).

Q. How do I get videos into the app from the videos folder?

A. You need to get the videos into your camera roll on your iPad (not the videos app).

You can do this through iTunes, import/copy the videos into a folder on your mac/pc, add this folder to iphoto, then go to iTunes, sync, and check the include videos checkbox under photos tab then sync your iPad.

If you have swingplane on your iPhone then you can transfer direct from the app over local wifi if your router supports bonjour.

Q. Can I copy the videos to my Mac/PC?

A. Yes, the app is set up file file sharing

Steps to extract the videos from the app direct to your mac/pc are below:

1. Connect your iPad/iPhone to your PC/Mac, open iTunes and sync it (this will probably happen automatically).
2. In iTunes select the iPad/iPhone , then go to the apps tab.
3. Scroll to the file sharing section (at the bottom of screen) and select swingplane from the list.
4. Select the folder you want to save the videos to on your computer.
5. Sync the device again (new videos will be copied to your PC/Mac each time you sync, and any that exist will be exported).

Please note, you will only be able to send the video and not the shapes.

Q. I already paid for the videos, why do I have to pay for them again?

A. If you purchased a new apple device and restored from an iCloud backup, or had to restore after an iOS upgrade then you will have to download the videos again (Gary Smith apps and SwingPlane pro videos). You will not have to pay for them again though as apple hold a record of your purchases so provided you use the same iTunes account you did when you first purchased them you will not be charged. You will get a conformation of this when you select to “purchase” them again.

Apple force apps that have downloadable content to download again in the event of a restore to save space in the iCloud account.

6 Responses to FAQ

  1. Ahmad Ghanem says:

    Do I need to pay for the app twice if I downloaded to IPhone and IPad ?

    • admin says:

      Hi, you can download the SwingPlane app to both your iPhone and iPad and only pay once, but SwingPlane HD (the iPad specific version) is a separate app so you would have to pay for that.


  2. Hi, I had downloaded and paid for the app and all videos aboug 3 years ago. Trying watch the videos again on new phone but it’s asking me to pay again?

    • admin says:

      Hi Cameron, provided that you use the same iTunes account that you used when you first purchased the videos then you will not have to pay again. When you “purchase” them again, Apple will recognise that you have already paid for them with your account and you will not be charged again (you will get a message confirming this).

      Hope this helps.

  3. David Fastenberg says:

    I downloaded the app and then received an email to confirm subscription but I don’t see if there’s a charge for the subscription and how much that is.

  4. Dwayne says:

    Really helps your Golf Game
    I gain yardage and much much more!
    I hope the word gets out how good it is so they will keep updated!

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